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We researched if we can remove all plastic from a hotel room
Will you experience it?
A plastic free hotelroom

Plastic, can we live without it?

The last ten yers, more plastic is produced than in the 20th century. Approximately  half of the produced plastic is for one time usage and will be thrown away afterwards.

Plastic is not only in packings or utensils. Unfortunately, you will find microplastics in our food, water and the air we all breathe. This is due to for example microfibers of synthetic clothes or small pieces of car tires. 

Not only human beings, but a large number of animals experience the negative side of our plastic usage. They could get suffocated or see it as food. 

As a small hotel, we would like to contribute to a healthy earth, so the generations after us can enjoy the beauty of it, of animals and our society. We strive for the fact that our hotel will not have a negative impact on our world. Did you know you could contribute as well while staying with us?

One of the projects of Lytel Blue is the research of a plastic free hotelroom. It resulted in our Special Blue Room.

(Source: Plastic Soup Foundation)

The plastic free


The result of this research: the Special Blue Room! A room which you need to experience. A room where you do not need a television, since there is so much to explore. This room is created through collaborations with third parties. Aqualon van Zutphen placed an alternative airco system, since the other units contain plastic. Home Stock Eindhoven shows us that a plastic free interior is pretty cool. In contrary, it is beautiful. The bed, pillows and sheet is from COCOMAT, all of nature materials in which you can lay for ever.

Different other travellers slept before you in this special room, for instance Davides and We Are Travellers.

Are you, or do you know someone who designs products, furniture or art which easily connects with this room> We would love to get in touch with you!

Special Blue Room

    Will you experience the result?

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